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Mandi and Brendon Got Engaged!Denver, CO

Mandi and Brendon Got Engaged!
Sometimes things just work out. Mandi and Brendon wanted some snowy engagement photos in downtown Denver. When we originally talked in January, we agreed that we'd try to just randomly make them happen the next time it snowed. Over the course of the next three months, we never randomly made it happen. Of course, we had set up a shoot date so that if we didn't get a sn[...]

Katrina and Demetrius Got Engaged!Denver, CO

Katrina and Demetrius Got Engaged!
Katrina and Demetrius are one of those couples who you automatically feel comfortable around. Katrina is just so nice and welcoming and Demetrius has a smile and laugh that instantly wins you over. When we met for their engagement photos in LoDo on a chilly January afternoon, Demetrius had a meeting to get to and their son, Allister, was sitting in his stroller just o[...]

Jen and Chase Got Engaged!Denver, CO

Jen and Chase Got Engaged!
Just a few reasons I am looking forward to Jen and Chase's wedding: - The chance to photograph the cutest flower girls ever (at least according to Jen) - Devil's Thumb Ranch in the Colorado springtime - Chase - Jen - Seeing them laugh together in front of my camera again Here are a few shots from their engagement session at Wash Park. We're going to make some [...]

Kelly and Tom Got Married!Denver, CO

Kelly and Tom Got Married!
Comfortable. Custom. Tender. Sometimes weddings can be a little stressful. I'm not talking bad traffic stressful. I'm talking driving through Kansas in a blizzard in the middle of the night stressful. Fortunately, most of my couples don't get too stressed on their wedding days. Tom and Kelly's wedding was the epitome of laid back. But it wasn't just laid back. It [...]

Juin Yi and Steve Got Married!Denver, CO

Juin Yi and Steve Got Married!
Laughter. Culture. Devotion. There was soooo much laughter during Juin Yi and Steve's wedding day. Before everyone got ready, there was the gate crashing ceremony which involved groomsmen who were wearing lipstick and tiaras, taking shots of unknown liquids that made them shudder and bridesmaids laughing at them (and with them) the entire time. There was happiness [...]

Juin Yi and Steve Got Engaged!Denver, CO

Juin Yi and Steve Got Engaged!
A few weeks ago I met up with Juin Yi and Steve in Denver for some drinks and engagement photos. In case you couldn't tell from the photos, they are such a cute couple! They met through work at a Rockies Game, had their first date at Little India and Steve proposed at Vesta Dipping Grill, so even though they're not from Colorado, they are totally a Denver couple! W[...]