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Shannon and Rob Got Married!Denver, CO

Shannon and Rob Got Married!
Shannon and Rob, like many other couples, had originally envisioned a much different wedding day. But we all know what 2020 was like, so they decided to roll with the punches and elope. As you'll see from the photos, they're really laid back, fun-loving people, so a change of plans wasn't a big deal. One of my favorite parts of their day was the double first look![...]

Kathleen and Matt Got Married!Denver, CO

Kathleen and Matt Got Married!
When I first met with Kathleen and Matt before they ever even booked me to photograph their wedding, they mentioned that they wanted to get growlers from different breweries as centerpieces at their wedding reception. I thought it sounded pretty interesting (and appropriate, since we were meeting at a brewery), but then kind of forgot about it until their wedding day.[...]

Jessica and Richard Got Married!Denver, CO

Jessica and Richard Got Married!
On a perfect spring day in Denver, Jessica and Richard's friends and family gathered to celebrate their love and witness their wedding ceremony. During the days leading up to their wedding day, it didn't look like the weather would be so nice. It was a cloudy, cold, rainy week in Denver and we even got a big spring snowstorm! By Friday, it had all passed and the sun c[...]

Jill with The Treatory- Vendor FeatureDenver, CO

Jill with The Treatory- Vendor Feature
I first met Jill with The Treatery when we ended up working together on a styled shoot while we were both still in San Francisco. After chatting for a bit, we realized that we had both moved to SF from Denver within years of each other. Strange coincidence, right? Well, fast forward a year from that shoot and it turns out we both found ourselves living back in Denver![...]

High School Senior Portrait Photography

High School Senior Portrait Photography
There was a time when I didn't only photograph weddings. Before moving to San Francisco, I used to photograph a lot of high school senior portraits as well! Senior photos are a chance to showcase a student's personality and style much better than a generic school-required yearbook photo can. I really enjoy the connection and trust that develops over the course of a se[...]

L.A. and Mike’s Swank Couple’s SessionDenver, CO

L.A. and Mike's Swank Couple's Session
What do a tiki bar, Pinup Girl Clothing, a '51 Chevy and tattoos all have in common? To anyone who knows Mike and L.A., the answer is pretty obvious... it's them! This amazing couple wanted some photos simply to celebrate who and where they are right now. We started with drinks at Adrift, their favorite tiki bar, followed by a cruise in Lola, the newest addition to th[...]

2015 Favorite Personal Photos

2015 Favorite Personal Photos
There's nothing better to get the creative juices flowing than travel, and travel I did in 2015! The biggest change of scenery came from my move from Denver to San Francisco. Being in such a big and wonderful city on a daily basis presents so many photo opportunities, so forgive me if there are lots of California photos in here. Life wasn't just full of sourdough and [...]