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Emma and Ian Got Married!Fairfax, CA

Emma and Ian Got Married!
Emma and Ian are one of those couples who you know are just made for each other. Before their wedding day, I had only met Emma, so I wasn't sure exactly what they were like as a couple. Once I met Ian, I knew that they were the real deal. One of the things that really stood out was how relaxed their wedding day was. Everyone was enjoying themselves, yet everything[...]

Kendra Renee Jewelry – Artist FeatureSan Francisco, CA

Kendra Renee Jewelry - Artist Feature
I first met Kendra while we were both participating in The Big Fake Wedding. She created the beautiful jewelry that they wore. We started chatting and our personalities clicked. The more we talked, the more interested I was in her philosophy behind responsible, sustainable jewelry. I asked if I could visit her studio, both to learn more about what she does and to do a[...]

High School Senior Portrait Photography

High School Senior Portrait Photography
There was a time when I didn't only photograph weddings. Before moving to San Francisco, I used to photograph a lot of high school senior portraits as well! Senior photos are a chance to showcase a student's personality and style much better than a generic school-required yearbook photo can. I really enjoy the connection and trust that develops over the course of a se[...]

Lauren and Tom’s Big Fake San Francisco WeddingSan Francisco, CA

Lauren and Tom's Big Fake San Francisco Wedding
Last month I had the pleasure of photographing Lauren and Tom's wedding here in San Francisco. Here's a question for you, though... can you have a wedding if you're already married? The answer is definitely YES! Lauren and Tom had a vow renewal that was disguised as a wedding, thanks to The Big Fake Wedding. For those who don't know, The Big Fake Wedding is basically [...]

2016 Favorite Wedding Photos – Second Shooting

2016 Favorite Wedding Photos - Second Shooting
Every year, one of my favorite things to do is work with other wedding photographers as a second shooter. Not only do I get to hang out with some great people, but I pretty much always learn something as well. This year I mainly worked with two different Bay Area wedding photographers: Holly Drennen and Jeremy Hohengarten. Thanks to these two awesome people for trusti[...]

2016 Favorite Personal Photos

2016 Favorite Personal Photos
Every year I like to look back and revisit photos that I've taken for myself. I spend a lot of the year photographing other people's special moments, so spending a bit of time reviewing a few of my own is a great way to end the year. In 2016 I continued to explore in and around San Francisco, but also ended up going on some amazing trips. From a quick trip down the co[...]

Kristen and David Got Married!San Jose, CA

Kristen and David Got Married!
Kristen and David's San Jose wedding was my last of the year and I couldn't have hoped for a better grand finale to the 2016 wedding season. From the wonderful people to the beautiful venues to the amazing weather, weddings don't get much better than this. Kristen's ladies were so much fun to be around (as you can probably tell from the Bridesmaids-inspired photo) [...]

San Francisco City Hall Weddings

San Francisco City Hall Weddings
Ever since the first time I stepped foot in San Francisco's City Hall, I knew I wanted to photograph a wedding there. The architecture is just so grand and classic, it seems much more like a wedding venue than a government building. In the past few months, I've had the opportunity to photograph a couple of weddings at City Hall. The first was Guinnevere and Elise'[...]

Juan and Rigo Got Engaged!San Francisco, CA

Juan and Rigo Got Engaged!
While Juan and Rigo might have only been visiting San Francisco for the weekend, they look completely at home in this beachy engagement session. Maybe that's because they currently live in Florida. Until they arrived in the city it had been cold and cloudy, so I'm convinced they brought the sunshine and beach vibes with them to California. We started out their eng[...]