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2017 Favorite Wedding Photos

2017 Favorite Wedding Photos
Every year, in addition to photographing my own weddings, one of my favorite things to do is work with other wedding photographers as a second shooter. This year I was fortunate enough to work with some wonderful people who are amazing photographers: Holly D. Photography and Verus Weddings. I also had the opportunity to be an associate photographer for JBJ Pictures fo[...]

Emily and Salvadore Got Married!San Francisco, CA

Emily and Salvadore Got Married!
Emily and Salvadore's intimate San Francisco City Hall wedding was perfect for them. Emily's immediate family were in attendance, as well as one of Salvadore's close friends. They were both so relaxed, I can't imagine them having a big wedding with a huge number of guests. After they wrapped up at City Hall, they headed over to a restaurant on the Embarcadero for lunc[...]

Holly and Carlo Are Engaged!San Francisco, CA

Holly and Carlo Are Engaged!
Holly and Carlo are one of those couples who just feel right. Their personalities compliment each other and you can tell that they care deeply for one another. As you can see in the photos, Holly just couldn't stop smiling throughout the session. It's true that she's a very positive and upbeat person, but I think the main reason she was smiling was simply because she [...]

Michelle and Kyle Got Married!San Francisco, CA

Michelle and Kyle Got Married!
Going into their wedding, the main thing that stuck in my head about Michelle and Kyle was something that they said during our first meeting. They just wanted for their guests to have a good time. This meant no big production, not a lot of events to break up the party... just food, drink and fun. Fortunately, that's exactly what happened.Guests came in from all ov[...]

Chloé – Artist FeatureSan Francisco, CA

Chloé - Artist Feature
Although I'm a photographer, a profession that many people consider to be artistic, I don't consider myself to be an artist... at least not like Chloé is an artist. While I have people and buildings and nature and light to work with when I create my images, Chloé stands in front of a blank canvas and creates something out of nothing. To me, she is a true artist.Li[...]

Emma and Ian Got Married!Fairfax, CA

Emma and Ian Got Married!
Emma and Ian are one of those couples who you know are just made for each other. Before their wedding day, I had only met Emma, so I wasn't sure exactly what they were like as a couple. Once I met Ian, I knew that they were the real deal.One of the things that really stood out was how relaxed their wedding day was. Everyone was enjoying themselves, yet everything[...]

Kendra Renee Jewelry – Artist FeatureSan Francisco, CA

Kendra Renee Jewelry - Artist Feature
I first met Kendra while we were both participating in The Big Fake Wedding. She created the beautiful jewelry that they wore. We started chatting and our personalities clicked. The more we talked, the more interested I was in her philosophy behind responsible, sustainable jewelry. I asked if I could visit her studio, both to learn more about what she does and to do a[...]

High School Senior Portrait Photography

High School Senior Portrait Photography
There was a time when I didn't only photograph weddings. Before moving to San Francisco, I used to photograph a lot of high school senior portraits as well! Senior photos are a chance to showcase a student's personality and style much better than a generic school-required yearbook photo can. I really enjoy the connection and trust that develops over the course of a se[...]

Lauren and Tom’s Big Fake San Francisco WeddingSan Francisco, CA

Lauren and Tom's Big Fake San Francisco Wedding
Last month I had the pleasure of photographing Lauren and Tom's wedding here in San Francisco. Here's a question for you, though... can you have a wedding if you're already married? The answer is definitely YES! Lauren and Tom had a vow renewal that was disguised as a wedding, thanks to The Big Fake Wedding. For those who don't know, The Big Fake Wedding is basically [...]