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5 Reasons Two Wedding Photographers Are Better Than One

5 Reasons Two Wedding Photographers Are Better Than One
I get asked by quite a few couples if I bring a second photographer with me when I photograph their wedding. I also usually get asked if two wedding photographers are really necessary. To be honest, I want a second shooter with me at every wedding I photograph. Sure, there are times when a second shooter isn't feasible (and it's almost always cost-related), but in an [...]

Katie and Trevor Got Married In A Destination Wedding!Sonoma, CA

Katie and Trevor Got Married In A Destination Wedding!
Elegant. Refined. Relaxed. Katie and Trevor's Sonoma destination wedding was the perfect way for them to begin their life as a married couple and for me to close out my wedding season. I mean, I don't think I'll ever get tired of shooting weddings in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, but every once in a while a change of scenery can really be inspiring. That's prob[...]

Kelly and Tom Got Married!Denver, CO

Kelly and Tom Got Married!
Comfortable. Custom. Tender. Sometimes weddings can be a little stressful. I'm not talking bad traffic stressful. I'm talking driving through Kansas in a blizzard in the middle of the night stressful. Fortunately, most of my couples don't get too stressed on their wedding days. Tom and Kelly's wedding was the epitome of laid back. But it wasn't just laid back. It [...]

Juin Yi and Steve Got Married!Denver, CO

Juin Yi and Steve Got Married!
Laughter. Culture. Devotion. There was soooo much laughter during Juin Yi and Steve's wedding day. Before everyone got ready, there was the gate crashing ceremony which involved groomsmen who were wearing lipstick and tiaras, taking shots of unknown liquids that made them shudder and bridesmaids laughing at them (and with them) the entire time. There was happiness [...]

Kerri and Angelo Got Married!Denver, CO

Kerri and Angelo Got Married!
Boxing, kilts, Austria, Mexico and a whole room full-o-love all came together on a frigid January Denver day when Kerri and Angelo got married. Kerri's family is from Ireland. Angelo is from Austria and enjoys boxing. They met in Mexico and fell in love. A year later we were braving temperatures in the teens outside of the Sheraton for some outdoor photos and then war[...]