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Brittany and Kendric Got Married!Golden, CO

Brittany and Kendric Got Married!
Brittany and Kendric love the outdoors. In fact, at their wedding reception the tables were named after Colorado mountains that they had summited and were accompanied by photos of them on said summit. It's only appropriate then that they would get married at a place that's named after a mountain… Mt. Vernon (country club, that is). Seeing them together is, well, [...]

Jessica and Matt Got Married!Littleton, CO

Jessica and Matt Got Married!
They say that rain on a wedding day is good luck. Do you know why? A wet knot is harder to untie than a dry knot. If that's the case, Jessica and Matt's knot is going to be inseparable. Before their ceremony at Arrowhead, it had been raining off and on all day long. About an hour before the ceremony it looked like it was starting to clear up, but then it started raini[...]

Katrina and Demetrius Got Married!Denver, CO

Katrina and Demetrius Got Married!
It's always an honor and a little scary to photograph a friend's wedding. When that friend happens to be a fellow photographer, it's even more of an honor and even more scary. Demetrius is both a friend and a photographer, but when he asked me to photograph his and Katrina's wedding, I just couldn't say no. Back when I shot Katrina and Demetrius' engagement session[...]

Courtney and Kyle Got Married!Larkspur, CO

Courtney and Kyle Got Married!
Courtney and Kyle were married a few weeks ago in at Spruce Mountain Ranch in Larkspur, CO. Driving down there is a great escape from the city. Buildings and concrete are replaced by hills and fields. Time seems to slow down. The sounds of cars, trucks and sirens gets quieter and the sounds of frogs, cows and a distant train take their place. Your mind starts to relax[...]

5 Reasons Two Wedding Photographers Are Better Than One

5 Reasons Two Wedding Photographers Are Better Than One
I get asked by quite a few couples if I bring a second photographer with me when I photograph their wedding. I also usually get asked if two wedding photographers are really necessary. To be honest, I want a second shooter with me at every wedding I photograph. Sure, there are times when a second shooter isn't feasible (and it's almost always cost-related), but in an [...]

Katie and Trevor Got Married In A Destination Wedding!Sonoma, CA

Katie and Trevor Got Married In A Destination Wedding!
Elegant. Refined. Relaxed. Katie and Trevor's Sonoma destination wedding was the perfect way for them to begin their life as a married couple and for me to close out my wedding season. I mean, I don't think I'll ever get tired of shooting weddings in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, but every once in a while a change of scenery can really be inspiring. That's prob[...]