I Still Think About My Past Wedding Couples

Dear Amazing Couples Whose Weddings I’ve Photographed,

I still think about you. All the time, in fact. You’d probably be surprised by how often I’ll see something and it will bring up a memory from a wedding I’ve photographed. Or, instead of your wedding, maybe it was just something I picked up during a conversation we had at your engagement session or over a beer. Regardless of where the memory came from, it’s always a pleasant surprise when something reminds me of you.

For example, it should come as no surprise that every time someone mentions Jurassic Park, Beth and Patrick immediately come to mind.

morrison willow ridge manor wedding photographer dinosaur slippers

Or when someone mentions Lake Tahoe, I instantly think of Joy and JJ since theirs was not only my first wedding I shot after moving to California, but it’s also where I photographed both their engagement session and wedding.

Tahoe Engagement Photography sitting on log

It’s the random things that come up on a daily basis that might really surprise you. For example, any time someone mentions a school principal, I think of Emily and Ryan since that’s what Ryan does for a living.

Emily and Ryan Lower Lake Ranch Wedding Photography portrait

Similarly, any time I see a sign for UCSF around San Francisco, I think of Melisa and Evan since that’s where Melisa went to school.

San Francisco Fairmont Hotel Wedding Photographer cable car

And the reason I think of Brittany and Kendric every time I see an orange Home Depot bucket should make a lot more sense after you see this image:

Golden Wedding Photographer bride

Any idea why I think of Courtney and Kyle every time I vacuum? After their wedding, I went over to their house to deliver their images. Kyle had me try out the cordless Dyson Animal that they got for a gift and I ended up vacuuming most of their living room. I ended up liking it so much, I bought one for myself!

downtown denver engagement photography

So you can see, it’s pretty random, but it seems like just about anything is fair game for making me think about you… and I absolutely love it. I have so many good memories attached with all of my past couples! Why wouldn’t I want to think about you? It’s always such a nice surprise when something comes out of no where and stirs up a good memory.

So whether it’s something completely wedding-related like thinking of Julie and Luke every time I see glow sticks

Boulder Wedding Photography Wedgewood Inn

or something that’s part of my life that is also an integral part of who a couple is, like Pari and Gavin’s love blossoming over board games

Denver Engagement Photography Chatfield Botanic Gardens almost kiss

please know that I still think about you all the time. Thank you for opening up to me, for trusting me and for being the source of many random smiles over the years.

Much Love and Happiness,