Ellen and Chas Got Engaged!

Have you ever met a couple and felt like they were old friends you’d never met before? That’s how it felt the first time I met up with Ellen and Chas for drinks. We just sat down, started talking and didn’t stop until it was time to go. It was the same thing when we met up for a drink before their engagement session. Lots of talking, lots of laughing and then, “oh, hey, look at the time… I guess we’d better go take some pictures now”.

So we tore ourselves away from the guy playing cover songs at the Little Bear in Evergreen and headed up to one of Ellen’s favorite places to hike, Three Sisters Park. Time after time during their shoot, I saw little examples of how much they care for each other. Chas walked ahead of Ellen to make sure the ground wasn’t too soggy to walk on. Ellen made sure to put Chas’ new coat on top of hers so it wouldn’t get dirty. Neither of them could keep from smiling when when they looked at each other.

Before we get to the photos, I have a little story for you. There’s not usually an interesting story about how a couple met their photographer, but this time there is. A few years ago, I was sitting on an airplane and Ellen was sitting in the seat next to me. Of course, we’d never met before, but I think we started talking before the wheels ever even left the ground and kept talking until we got off of the plane. How often do you get lucky enough to sit next to someone you not only can talk to for an entire flight, but enjoy talking to? Fast forward a few years and guess who sees one of my Facebook ads and remembers my name (which just happened to be the same name as her childhood neighbor)? Ellen! This shoot was destined to happen eventually. I’m so glad it finally did!

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