2013 Phone and Instagram Photos

I feel like my phone photography became more refined in 2013. Yeah, that might be silly to say, but it’s true. While I use my phone for personal photos on trips and nights out with friends, I also use it to create images that I share with the world through my Instagram account. I’ve developed a more consistent editing style and type of image that I share. I even had one of my images featured on the VSCO blog as a Weekly Select. But regardless of if I’m shooting something personal or something to share, I really do love phone photography.

Here are some of my favorite phone images from 2013…

Phone Photos-001

Phone Photos-002

Phone Photos-003

Phone Photos-004

Phone Photos-005

Phone Photos-006

Phone Photos-007

Phone Photos-008

Phone Photos-009Phone Photos-010

Phone Photos-011

Phone Photos-013

Phone Photos-014

Phone Photos-015

Phone Photos-016

Phone Photos-017

If you’re interested in editing your phone photos to give them a little extra something, I highly recommend VSCO Cam. It’s just about all I use these days.
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