2013 Favorite Personal Photos

Although it doesn’t feel like it sometimes, I do have a life outside of photography. I take trips, spend time with family and hang out with friends. Of course, I take photos while I’m doing all of those things, so although I have a life outside of photography, I don’t ever have a life without photography. You’ve already seen a bunch of my personal photos that I took with my phone. Here’s a different side of my personal life, as seen through my DSLR, film SLR, Polaroids and toy film cameras.

Many of my personal photos aren’t perfect. They’re taken for fun, for myself. I might have used some expired film or tried to do something different (aka “artistic”). Sometimes I get something I like, sometimes I don’t. But that’s part of the fun, isn’t it? It’s why I got into photography in the first place. To have fun and take photos of people and things that make me happy. Here are some of my favorite personal photos from 2013…

2013 Personal-006

2013 Personal-005

2013 Personal-007

2013 Personal-008

2013 Personal-009

2013 Personal-002

2013 Personal-001

2013 Personal-003

2013 Personal-010

2013 Personal-011

2013 Personal-012

2013 Personal-013

2013 Personal-014

2013 Personal-015

2013 Personal-016

2013 Personal-017

2013 Personal-018