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Manisha and Sidharth’s Sonoma Vineyard ProposalSonoma, CA

Manisha and Sidharth's Sonoma Vineyard Proposal
When Manisha went with her friends to Chateau St Jean for the day, she thought she was just going to visit a vineyard and drink some wine. She had no idea Sidharth was going to surprise her with a proposal! Of course, most proposals are a surprise, but this one was a bit more surprising than others. You see, Manisha lives in the Bay Area and Sidharth lives in Chica[...]

Liz and Ryan’s Sonoma Vineyard ProposalSonoma, CA

Liz and Ryan's Sonoma Vineyard Proposal
When I arrived at the Chateau St Jean vineyard in Sonoma to photograph Liz and Ryan's proposal, I was greeted with an area underneath a huge magnolia tree that was sprinkled with rose petals, just waiting for Ryan to propose to Liz. While they were enjoying a private tour of the vineyard, I walked around and talked with people who were there to enjoy a glass of wine. [...]

Jasmin and Joel’s Napa Valley Vineyard ProposalNapa, CA

Jasmin and Joel's Napa Valley Vineyard Proposal
Photographing a marriage proposal at a vineyard in Napa sounds great, right? Well guess what... it is! I arrived at the beautiful Paraduxx Winery property to find Jasmin and Joel sitting under a tree, enjoying a glass of wine. They had never met me before, so I inconspicuously looked around, getting a feel for the property and finding the best places for photos. W[...]

Lori and Baron Got Married!Palisade, CO

Lori and Baron Got Married!
Lori and Baron's intimate vineyard wedding at Maison la Belle Vie in Palisade, CO was, in a word, unforgettable. The emotion that was in the air, the thought that was put into each part of the wedding and the kindness that they poured out to me made this wedding something special. First, let's set the stage. Palisade is a cute little town about 250 miles west of De[...]