2013 Events and Portraits

You know, I don’t strictly photograph weddings and high school seniors. Throughout the year, I photograph a variety of events, headshots and portraits. I even shoot some products here and there. In fact, in 2013 I photographed over 60 events, businesses and headshots. Here are a few of my favorite shots of the year.

Events and Portraits-001

I photographed a whole line of imported clothing and accessories…

Events and Portraits-002Events and Portraits-003
and managed to fit in some personal work with the models between outfits.

Events and Portraits-004
I froze my toes off shooting some innovative new hunting accessories…

Events and Portraits-005
and stayed nice and warm in the studio photographing paintings.

Events and Portraits-007

Events and Portraits-008Events and Portraits-009
I photographed events in hotels, museums and botanic gardens with politicians, preservationists and celebrity chefs.

Events and Portraits-010

I photographed Valentines Day wedding ceremonies at the courthouse…

Events and Portraits-011

which even included a celebrity officiant, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock!

Events and Portraits-012Events and Portraits-013
I photographed events with political guests and speakers (shown here are Rep. Crisanta Duran, Senator Pat Steadman and US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand).

Events and Portraits-014

One of the most amazing events I got to photograph was the grand opening of the Colorado Justice Center (here you can see Colorado John Governor Hickenlooper, Attorney General John Suthers, former Colorado Governor Bill Owens and Colorado Cheif Justice Michael Bender)

Events and Portraits-016

Events and Portraits-015

and the public dedication ceremony with guest of honor US Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

Events and Portraits-017

Events and Portraits-018Events and Portraits-019
I did plenty of headshots in the studio…

but I think my favorite types of professional portraits are those done outside of the studio.

Events and Portraits-020

Events and Portraits-021Events and Portraits-022

Events and Portraits-023Events and Portraits-024

Events and Portraits-025

Events and Portraits-026