2015 Favorite 2nd Shooting Photos

I love being a second shooter at weddings. In the past, I averaged 2nd shooting 15-20 weddings per year. This year was a little different, though. Since I moved to San Francisco, I didn’t know as many photographers, so I didn’t get to 2nd shoot very often. Fortunately, the weddings I was able to be a 2nd for were pretty amazing! There were a few early season weddings in the Colorado snow (more like blizzards, actually) with Joni Schrantz. Then I got to shoot in a California lavender field with Daylene Wilson. I was fortunate enough to be able to shoot a wedding in New Orleans with one of the most creative and amazing photographers in the business today, Fer Juaristi. Finally, I photographed two weddings with Demetrius Austin, one in Colorado and one in Puerto Rico! Needless to say, what I lacked in volume was definitely made up for in quality. Thanks to all of these photographers for trusting me to work with them! Here are some of my favorite photos I was able to capture at these weddings.

Denver Wedding Photography-001
Denver Wedding Photography-002
Denver Wedding Photography-003
Denver Wedding Photography-004
Denver Wedding Photography-005
Denver Wedding Photography-006
Denver Wedding Photography-007
Denver Wedding Photography-008
Denver Wedding Photography-009
Denver Wedding Photography-010
Denver Wedding Photography-011
Denver Wedding Photography-012
Denver Wedding Photography-013
Denver Wedding Photography-014
Denver Wedding Photography-015
Denver Wedding Photography-016
Denver Wedding Photography-017
Denver Wedding Photography-018
Denver Wedding Photography-019