San Francisco

A few months ago my wife and I moved from Denver to San Francisco. I’m a Colorado native and have never lived anywhere else so, although I love CO and assume I’ll eventually end up there again, I jumped at the chance to live in SF.

My wife has been working in SF off and on for the past few years and I’ve been lucky enough visit quite a few times. It’s an amazing city and was always fun to visit, but living there is a different story. It’s still amazing living here, but you start to get a different feel for the city when you’re there for more than a few days at a time.

Diving into the city and really getting to know it has been so much fun. There’s the food, of which there seems to be a never ending variety. There are the neighborhoods, of which there are so many to explore. There’s the plants and trees, which are so different from anything in Colorado. There’s the culture, which really gives the city a big-city feel. And that’s just inside the city! I haven’t even really explored the surrounding beaches, vineyards, mountains and national parks yet.

And how about business? Well, I’m photographing weddings all summer in Denver that I had already booked before moving. I’m still looking to book some weddings in Denver for 2016 as well, but I definitely want to start shooting weddings in California. I already got to shoot a high school senior on the beach, which was amazing. Now how about a beach wedding?

Here’s a variety of photos that I’ve taken over the past few months. I find myself shooting with a mix of DSLR, phone and even film as I wander the city. Hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I’ve enjoyed taking them!

San Francisco magnolia film holga

San Francisco chinatown film holga

San Francisco iphone vsco

San Francisco iphone vsco

San Francisco union square

San Francisco iphone vsco tenderloin

San Francisco film

San Francisco bw film bus

San Francisco film civic center f100

San Francisco victorian vsco iphone

San Francisco victorian iphone vsco

San Francisco telegraph hill iphone vsco

San Francisco iphone vsco sutro baths

San Francisco golden gate park botanic gardens iphone vsco

San Francisco bamboo vsco iphone golden gate park

San Francisco botanic gardens

San Francisco botanic gardens

San Francisco botanic gardens maple leaf

San Francisco botanic gardens peony