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Shannon and Rob Got Married!Denver, CO

Shannon and Rob Got Married!
Shannon and Rob, like many other couples, had originally envisioned a much different wedding day. But we all know what 2020 was like, so they decided to roll with the punches and elope. As you'll see from the photos, they're really laid back, fun-loving people, so a change of plans wasn't a big deal. One of my favorite parts of their day was the double first look![...]

Liz and Andrew Got Married!Beaver Creek, CO

Liz and Andrew Got Married!
Liz and Andrew had originally planned a big wedding for the fall of 2020, but of course this wasn't possible when the big day arrived. Fortunately, they were able to still hold a small wedding with immediate family at The Chapel At Beaver Creek on their original wedding date. Now the big party is planned for fall of 2021! As you can see from the photos, for their wedd[...]

Kathleen and Matt Got Married!Denver, CO

Kathleen and Matt Got Married!
When I first met with Kathleen and Matt before they ever even booked me to photograph their wedding, they mentioned that they wanted to get growlers from different breweries as centerpieces at their wedding reception. I thought it sounded pretty interesting (and appropriate, since we were meeting at a brewery), but then kind of forgot about it until their wedding day.[...]

Jessica and Richard Got Married!Denver, CO

Jessica and Richard Got Married!
On a perfect spring day in Denver, Jessica and Richard's friends and family gathered to celebrate their love and witness their wedding ceremony. During the days leading up to their wedding day, it didn't look like the weather would be so nice. It was a cloudy, cold, rainy week in Denver and we even got a big spring snowstorm! By Friday, it had all passed and the sun c[...]

Isabel and Jeff Got Married!San Francisco, CA

Isabel and Jeff Got Married!
On a beautiful summer day in San Francisco, Isabel and Jeff got married at the SF City Hall. They said that they wanted to keep things simple and not have a huge ceremony and reception, so they invited their immediate family to the ceremony and held a classy yet simple reception at a local restaurant for family a few of their closest friends. They also wanted to m[...]

K+C Got Married!San Francisco, CA

K+C Got Married!
On a warm spring day in San Francisco, K+C got married at SF City Hall. While we had chatted a bit over email in the weeks leading up to their wedding, I hadn't actually met them in person until the day of their wedding. As is usually the case with most of my couples, they immediately felt like old friends and we fell into an easy rhythm of casual conversation while w[...]