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Ann and Sander Got Engaged!Guanella Pass, CO

Ann and Sander Got Engaged!
When Sander got in touch with me, I was so excited! You see, many years back I photographed his high school senior photos in Fort Collins and he remembered me when it came time for engagement photos! Working with him again and meeting Ann was so enjoyable. We headed up into the mountains for some fall color and hit it at just about peak time. There's nothing like a be[...]

Caroline and Adam Got Engaged!Sonoma, CA

Caroline and Adam Got Engaged!
Caroline and Adam's engagement session was simply epic. We were fortunate enough to have access to some beautiful property in Sonoma and we took full advantage of it. From hidden clearings in old bunches of trees to sunsets within olive orchards, we explored it all. And the entire time, Caroline and Adam had a blast. When I had them talk to each other, they had gre[...]

Holly and Carlo Are Engaged!San Francisco, CA

Holly and Carlo Are Engaged!
Holly and Carlo are one of those couples who just feel right. Their personalities compliment each other and you can tell that they care deeply for one another. As you can see in the photos, Holly just couldn't stop smiling throughout the session. It's true that she's a very positive and upbeat person, but I think the main reason she was smiling was simply because she [...]

Juan and Rigo Got Engaged!San Francisco, CA

Juan and Rigo Got Engaged!
While Juan and Rigo might have only been visiting San Francisco for the weekend, they look completely at home in this beachy engagement session. Maybe that's because they currently live in Florida. Until they arrived in the city it had been cold and cloudy, so I'm convinced they brought the sunshine and beach vibes with them to California. We started out their eng[...]

Kristen and David Are Engaged!San Francisco, CA

Kristen and David Are Engaged!
Kristen and David are one of those couples who you just know work great together. Not only are they constantly laughing and smiling, but being around them feels completely comfortable. We had never met before their engagement session, but it only took a minute before I felt like I'd known them for much longer. For their engagement photos we st[...]

2015 Favorite Engagement Session Photos

2015 Favorite Engagement Session Photos
There were so many of my wonderful couples I photographed this year who commented on how glad they were that they decided to do an engagement session. I can't tell you how happy I am when couples want to do one! Not only do they have a chance to get comfortable in front of the camera while I get to know how they interact with each other, but we get to know each other [...]

Melisa and Evan Are Engaged!San Francisco, CA

Melisa and Evan Are Engaged!
When I met up with Melisa and Evan for their engagement photos, it was a wet day in San Francisco. The fog had been hanging around all day long and there was a slight drizzle falling from the sky. Luckily, Melisa and Evan have lived in the city long enough that a little dose of wet fog doesn't faze them a bit. We shot around Alamo Square for a [...]