Evan’s Senior Photos!

Evan and I met up in Genesee to shoot her senior photos. I was really excited about shooting in the mountains, but I didn’t realize that I was going to be exploring them, too! We found a secret grove of aspens in a field of waist-high grass. We followed a happy little stream through the forest. We even climbed a small mountain!

It was great getting to know a little bit about Evan while we shot. She’s definitely an athlete. She swims and hikes… the morning before our shoot she had gone out and climbed the Manitou Incline (look it up, it’s crazy)! She’s into marine biology and is pretty much a smarty. Sorry to go on and on. I’m not writing her biography here. Guess what? After all that fun talking and exploring in the mountains, I actually took some photos!

Evan - Denver High School Senior-001Evan - Denver High School Senior-003

Evan - Denver High School Senior-004Evan - Denver High School Senior-005

Evan - Denver High School Senior-006

Evan - Denver High School Senior-007