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Jessica and Matt Got Engaged!Westminster, CO

Jessica and Matt Got Engaged!
Jessica and Matt's story about how they met is one of the more unique I've heard. Want to hear it? Here it goes... Once upon a time, Matt was in need of someone to clean his house. He happened to see on Facebook that a friend-of-a-friend (Jessica) did just that, so he got in touch. She came over and, while she was cleaning, commented on the contents of Matt's impre[...]

Mandi and Brendon Got Engaged!Denver, CO

Mandi and Brendon Got Engaged!
Sometimes things just work out. Mandi and Brendon wanted some snowy engagement photos in downtown Denver. When we originally talked in January, we agreed that we'd try to just randomly make them happen the next time it snowed. Over the course of the next three months, we never randomly made it happen. Of course, we had set up a shoot date so that if we didn't get a sn[...]